Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Carolina Painting Sabbatical

I am down here in Washington, North Carolina executing two projects, one of which is locking myself in the 'barn' and painting frantically. A little adventure I have been calling the Carolina Painting Sabbatical.

I am mostly making painting based off of line drawings I did in New York and have a still life set up that stares me in the face.

What I have learned:

1. Really, only paint with earth tones
2. Make a nice under painting!
3. the color gradient of a good painting is really so tight, so subtle
4. if you mess up, just wipe it off with a towel and keep at it
5. finish a painting a day, prepare one for the following day
6. the most important quality of a painting, is that it be alive, that the viewer sees life, that your activity bears witness to the perception of life.

Recent Mural Projects

I wanted to show some of the recent mural projects I have worked on. Sometimes I forget how valuable it has been to my artistic practice to work everyday amongst very talented, spirited artists. It is a pleasure and and honor to work with these folks, even accounting for the difficult realities of making money to live in New York City.
Pursuing this lifestyle has been a blessing and I am lucky that the twisted roots of fate pushed me hard in this direction.
I do not really exist as a body, nor do you, I am only what I think, and it is therefore what I perceive that is my being. Given this, we should only work as the caretaker of our own perception, like a gardener, or ship builder.